Here at Watermark Kennels we strive to produce top quality dogs for the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Through careful selection of breeding pairs we strive to produce  versatile companion dogs that have
excellent temperaments, health and structure.  This is our
# 1 priority.

Temperament is a critical factor in the choice of dogs we use in our breeding program as the Toller was
origanally designed to work in a close relationship with its owner.  It is therefore very important to us that we
produce dogs that have temperaments that allow for a well rounded adaptable dog that is highly trainable.

Health is also a very important factor in our breeding program as it makes little sense to breed dogs that have
questionable health.  We therefore have all our breeding stock checked for hip dysplasia and certified with
the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  Their eyes are checked by a Certified Veterinarian for any eye
diseases, as well they are Optigen tested for Progressive Retinal Atrophy a genetic eye disease.  We also test
for heart and thyroid problems.

Structure like health and temperament is another critical component to the whole dog and we therefore always
breed to the CKC Standard of the Toller.
As these dogs were  bred to be hunting dogs we feel that it is very important to keep the field instincts alive in
the dogs we breed.  If a dog is not structurally or mentally suited to work in the field all day then it is not
considered for our breeding program.

All of the puppies we raise at Watermark Kennels are reared inside our home where they are exposed to
normal household sounds and activities.  As a result  the puppies become very well socialized to people,
children, other animals and the hussle 'n' bussle of regular family life.   Before any puppy goes to their new
home they are given a full Veterinary examination, their first shots, dewormed, and have 6 weeks of free pet
insurance to start them off with their new family.   All puppies will also be individually registered with the
Canadian Kennel Club.

All Watermark puppies are sold by reservation as we usually have a Waiting List for puppies. Along with the
Watermark Contract all pups are sold on either a CKC Non-Breeding contract or a Co-ownership Agreement.  
When placing puppies we look for homes in which the puppy will lead a full and active lifestyle.  Tollers are a
very active breed and we feel it is critical that the pups have regular mental and physical stimulation
throughout their lives to be at their best.

If you are interested in a Watermark puppy  and would like to go onto my Waiting List please
copy of my Puppy Questionnaire